Crafty hobbies to try when you're stuck indoors

Winter is totally dreamy—the snow's falling, which means your cozy fit is on and you can light a delish winter-scented candle. But with the chilly temps also come wayyyy too many impromptu days where you're stuck inside *completely* bored.

Tired of binge-watching the same Netflix series over and over again? Try some of these cutesy crafts to pass the time...



This is a perf hobby to pick up if you're looking to create some cute accessories this szn (be prepared for *lots* of compliments). Get creative with hats, scarves, pouches and even sweaters to rock this winter.



If you want a physical version of your fave memories, try scrapbooking using any journal and saved keepsakes you have (remember the movie ticket from your last girls night and the wristband from your last concert?). Pro tip: This also makes a great gift for a BFF's birthday with your duo pics and items from your adventures!

Bullet journaling


Looking to up your self-care game in 2024? Bullet journaling is a great way to get crafty and track your self-care needs. Break out your markers, colored pencils and even glitter to create your ideal diary. 


Add some flair to a pair of your plain blue jeans with some embroidered designs! This is the perfect hobby to get started with to add a special touch to some of the clothes you have lying around (this also makes for another perfect bday gift, btw). 

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by Sophie LaBella | 2/20/2024