5 stress-free art projects to try

You've just finished watching *all* the shows Netflix has to offer and have helped your mom with every household chore imaginable...but you're still bored. Want something creative to fill the time? We found five easy art projects that will keep you totally stress-free. So dig out those old art supplies and get your creative juices flowing!

Geometric canvases


If you're looking for something to hang on that blank space on your wall, this project is definitely for you. Supplies? Canvases, paint, painter's tape and paint brushes. First, take the tape and lay it down in whatever pattern you want on the canvas. (There's no specific way to do this, so make whatever patterns float your boat.) Next, it's time to paint the canvases. We recommend using cohesive colors. (Pro tip: Use a color palette generator to find fab hues.) After the paint tries, the last step is to carefully pull off the tape and admire your work! 

Watercolor fans


If you're more of a seasoned artist, then this craft is for you! All you need is water, white tissue fans, spray bottles, paper clips, gaffer's tape and India ink. To start, mix water and India ink in the spray bottle. Once the three liquids have properly mixed, use the spray bottle on the fans. Remember to be careful about how much liquid you are using. Let them dry, and then they're ready to use.



Do you have old GL magazines laying around your house? We know just what to do with them. Grab a few of your faves as well as a pair of scissors, and start cutting out the cutest images you can find. Once you're satisfied with your collection of pics, glue them all onto a separate piece of paper in any way that you like. When you're done, you'll have a cute collage to hang up on the wall!

Rock Painting


All you need for a rockin' (get it?) good time is a stone and some paint. You can turn your boring rock into a pint-sized masterpiece in just a few minutes! Popular designs are faces, mandalas and positive affirmations, but don't feel tied to these classics. The creative choices are all yours to make.

Plein-air painting


If you're obsessed with painting but also in need of a change in scenery, we've got the solution for you! Take your canvas outdoors to paint among nature, and get the R&R you def deserve. You'll never want to paint inside again!

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by Lucia Kelemen and Elizabeth Gregg | 8/11/2022