Happy National Lipstick Day! Make your own with these fun DIYs


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Lipstick makes the world go 'round—or at the very least, it keeps us looking fabulous. That's why July 29th, AKA National Lipstick Day, is the perfect time to learn to create the beauty must-have. If you want to make a vegan alternative to your fave shade, create a more-matchy nude, or craft a color that isn't available, just follow along with one of these fun DIYs.

Matte Liquid Lipstick


If you have eyeshadow, coconut oil, foundation, and vitamin E, you're on your way to having a low-cost liquid lipstick. The tutorial to make them is less than three minutes, so it's super quick and easy to learn.

Vegan Purple Lipstick


You'll feel like you're back in the chem lab at school when you make this vegan lipstick. A wide variety of oils help this lipstick feel smooth and have a long shelf life. As Victoria mentions in the video, her tutorial shows how to make a vegan base, but some of the dyes and oxides aren't vegan—you might want to look into substitutes.

Eyeshadow & Crayon-Free Lipstick


Many lipstick tutorials use crayons or eyeshadow to pigment the makeup. The problem with this is that neither product is specifically designed or tested to be worn on your lips, which could mean an adverse reaction. That's why this tutorial uses food coloring instead—safe to eat *and* to wear.

5 Minute Lip Balm


Okay, it's not technically a lipstick, but I *had* to include this fun lip balm recipe. After all, lip balm is what keeps your lips from getting dry and cracked so they look better when you do put your lipstick on. You can store it in a little glass container *or* refill an empty EOS shell. No one will know.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/29/2020