Rosie the Riveting: 6 sweet ways to style a bandanna

You might remember these classic paisley cloths from day camp, but trust us—bandannas are making a seriously elegant comeback. Not only is the Americana-chic accessory the perfect summer-to-fall transition piece, it basically goes with anything. Check out our styling tips to take this rag to style richness.  
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    Bring some boho to your bag

    Tie one knot at the bottom of the strap or, if you have a bag with shorter straps, wrap the bandana all the way around and tie a knot on each end to hold it in place. So cute!

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    Make a comfy-cute choker

    Fold your bandana hot-dog style, then keep folding it until you have a long strip about two to three inches wide. Tie the strip around your neck (make sure it’s loose enough that you can breathe!) and adjust the ends so that they're on the back of your neck. Kendall-approved.

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    Keep it classic

    Fold your bandanna in half so that it is shaped like a triangle. Then, take the straight edge and fold it down, creating a strip about one to two inches thick. Keep flipping the strip over until you have one long piece. Place it under your hair at the nape of your neck, gather the two ends at the top of your head and tie them in a knot or a bow. Pretty in paisley!

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    Rock the kerchief look

    Fold your bandana into a triangle. Take the straight edge and loosely wrap it until you have a long strip, then twist the strip a few times and tie it loosely around your neck, with the knot in the front.  

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    Lace it into a braid

    First, make your bandana into a rectangular strip like you did in style number 4. Next, separate your hair into two sections, holding the bandanna strip in the middle of the two as a third section. Braid the three together normally and fasten with a hair tie. If you can, try separating the two corners at the bottom of the bandana and tying them in a knot around your hair tie.

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by Samantha Max | 2/1/2016