Host the *ultimate* homecoming pre-party

 Homecoming is just around the corner. By now, you've probably snagged the perfect dress after hours of scouring the mall with your mom and maybe even scored a date with the cutie you met in study group (although going stag is just as fun too!). No matter who you're going with, whether it's a big group or just a few close besties, offer to host the pre-party at your house and have the best night ever with these tips:


When it comes to the decor, keep it classy. Think: glamorous gold and glitter. Hang a pretty garland, deck out your kitchen table with glitz and go crazy with the balloons. This is the night to go big or go home! 


Make sure your besties arrive early. Set up individual "spa" stations where each of you can do your nails, makeup and hair. Getting ready together is half the fun. 


Set up a photo booth. Sure, your parents are going to be taking hundreds of pictures right before you all leave but sometimes you just want fun, candid shots too. Have a basket of fun props like this Snapchat set for perfect posing. Who doesn't want to look like the puppy dog IRL?


It's important to fuel up for all the hours of dancing you'll be doing. Keep things simple and mess-free with finger foods like these buffalo chicken pinwheels. You can also ask your guests to each bring an appetizer so you have a tasty variety.


Make a grand exit by rolling out a red carpet before heading to the dance. You can craft your own by using plastic red tablecloths. It'll make for great photo opps, and you and your friends will feel like Kendall and Kylie posing for the paparazzi (uh, we mean, your parents).  

What are your homecoming dance night plans? Let us know in the comments!

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by Amanda Tarlton | 9/22/2018
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