6 Insta-worthy hot chocolate recipes to make this weekend

With winter fast approaching, we're dishing out a bevy of totally Insta-worthy hot cocoa-inspired bevvies to keep you warm all season long. 

1. Pink Velvet Hot Chocolate

Where have we been this whole time that we didn't know pink hot chocolate existed?! Peep directions for the Elle Woods-worthy sipper here.

2. S'mores Hot Chocolate

Pink not your style? No problem. Don't miss out on s'mores-inspired deliciousness. Check out the recipe here.

3. Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa

Get in the holiday spirit with a twist on a classic. Pro tip: the drink mix makes a great DIY gift! Put it in a mason jar, and you've got easy prezzies for everyone you know. Learn how to make it here. 

4. Oreo Hot Chocolate

America's favorite cookie meets hot chocolate! Cookies and cream flavored anything never disappoints and neither does this cocoa, so what's not to love? Get the yummy how-to here.

5. Chill-Out Frozen Hot Chocolate

Hot drinks not your deal? We feel you (like, raise your hand if you're still opting for an iced coffee even though the temps are dropping). Learn how to make the frozen drink of your dreams here.

6. Fluffernutter Hot Chocolate 

I think we've saved the most decadent recipe for last. Chocolate + peanut butter + marshmallow fluff = snow day made. Check out the amaze combo here.

Are you just as obsessed with these recipes as we are? Will you be trying any of these out to warm up? Snag a picture for your Insta & let us know the comments!


by Audrey Bartholomew | 12/15/2018