We're *obsessed* with these soft pretzel recipes

The soft pretzel: It's a classic snack at any springtime picnic, sleepover or sports game. And while National Pretzel Day is still over a month away (it's on April 26!), you don't need an excuse to dive into this dependable, warm, salty treat.

Classic Soft Pretzels 

Stick to the basics with this fun, quick recipe—instructions and an easy-to-follow video included. You can make this one using simple pantry staples you prob already have, like flour, butter and sugar. Roll in oil, bake and serve. Deliciousness awaits! 

Buttered and Fluffy Soft Pretzels

Check out this recipe for a classic with a (literal) twist. Make a giant pretzel for parties (don't forget the cheese dip) or try minis to pack in your school lunches. Be sure to add salt or cinnamon sugar to each one for an extra-tasty bite. 

Cheddar Garlic Soft Pretzels 

Take your pretzel game up a notch with this salty, savory treat. After you make your dough using water, yeast and sugar (easy enough), you stuff it with cheddar, parsley, onions and whatever else fulfills your snacktime dreams. Pro tip: Swap your white sugar for brown sugar for an even more satisfying taste.

Chocolate Soft Pretzels 

A new fan favorite? We're sure of it. With chocolate, you can take pretzels from quick snack to beloved dessert. Grab cocoa powder, instant coffee and cinnamon to transform your pretzel from simple to scrumptious...because chocolate and a dusting of powdered sugar fixes everything, right?

Which one of these recipes would you try? Comment below!


by Nancy Bowne | 3/9/2020