Try these 3 ~unique~ twists on pizza for your next pizza party

We all know the famous saying that "pizza is the most important meal of the day"... or something like that. It's divine, delicious and it will never let you down, even when your fave TV show couple does. Try these three quick and incredible pizza recipes and your life will be seriously changed for the better! 

Tortilla pizza


This tortilla pizza recipe is for all of the thin crust lovers in the world! It's one of the crispiest and quickest pizza recipes ever known to man, making it *perfect* for a lazy snack or a special event! Plus, tortillas are a healthier and less greasy alternative to ordering in... and they're prob already sitting in your fridge, yearning to be used for something more creative than tacos. Start with a tortilla base and then top with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil leaves, salt, an egg and any other toppings of choice. You can then bake your pizza in the oven or over the stovetop.

Berry pizza


This berry pizza will have your mouth watering berry much, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me. It's colorful, flavorful and *fruit*ful! Make this delicious treat and you will be *berry* thankful for stumbling across this article. For the base, you can make your own crust from scratch or you can just use a crescent roll. Next, whip up a cheesecake layer using cream cheese, sugar and eggs. Finally, add your berries and an optional vanilla glaze topping and you're ready to go! 

Mac n' pizza


In case you couldn't tell by the title of this article, we *love* pizza. Believe it or not, we also love mac n' cheese! This pizza recipe combines our two fave comfort foods to create a mouthful of warm and cheesy carb goodness known as "mac n' pizza." This pizza is super easy to make—it simply requires a crust, noodles, and a ton of cheese. You can combine this recipe with our "tortilla pizza" recipe for the tastiest pizza!

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by Tori Feinstein | 7/22/2021