Make your room rock! 20 DIYs to do right now

Decorating your room doesn't mean having to dish out a ton of cash on huge murals or monogrammed mirrors. Instead of emptying your wallet, try investing some time! Craft some cute li’l touches you’ll cherish forever. Have some fun with our top 20 DIYs to make your room rock.

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    Flower power!

    Catch up on your beauty sleep while resting on your favorite flower pillow. Just dye, stitch and stuff for a project that’ll have your creativity blossoming in no time.

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    All pinned up

    Take a swing at tack art (without driving your parents crazy) with this nifty tutorial that will keep your walls hole-free.

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    Shining light

    Just because fall is around the corner doesn’t mean you can’t have spring in your bedroom. This light-filled piece is a flower-child essential for a pretty, happy room.

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    Gorg glitter

    Mason jars in general are adorable items to decorate with. Take your skills one step further by adding some glamour. This girly touch is a great way to brighten up any room.

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    Anyone for a pillow fight?

    You can’t go wrong with these super plush floor pillows. Imagine these cozy items at your next sleepover. Can you say girl’s night in?

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    Wonder walls

    Channel your inner mermaid with this sea-themed accent piece. Nothing says crafty like having your own customized wall art. This metallic piece is sure to be a conversation starter.

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    Fallin' in love 

    Wear your heart on your sleeve as well as your walls this year with a confetti-themed DIY. 

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    Opposites attract

    Save space on your makeup table with this incredible magnetic board. Ditch your crowded makeup drawer and go for this chic and organized alternative.


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    Great crates

    Revamp your book nook with this cute stool idea. This project is an easy and inexpensive way to personalize your room with your favorite colors and prints!

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    Shimmering switches

    These shimmery light switch plates are any girly-girl’s dream. With ten easy steps, you’ll be able to turn the switch from drab to fab.

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    What a gem

    With a little plaster and your favorite paint, this easy tutorial will take your to-do lists and project assignments to the next level. Say goodbye to your ordinary bulletin board by adding this fun new twist to your pushpins.

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    Perfect projector

    Showing off your weekend pictures to your friends and fam can be such a hassle when your screen is only a couple inches wide. Impress your besties with a strain-free photo projector. All you’ll need is a shoebox and a magnifying glass to turn your walls into an epic slideshow.

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    Fab frames

    Save a few bucks on picture frames by making your own out of crafty Washi tape. Simply tape a frame around each poster. The best part is if you want to change out your art, the tape will peel right off. Your parents will surely be grateful.

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    Heavenly headboard

    This super easy headboard is made from stuff you probably have lying around and makes a standard dorm bed look much more luxurious. No power tools needed to turn your bed into one that’s fit for a queen.

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    It's a hold-up

    Tight on space? Save some room with a hanging straightener holder. This project is perfect for storage as well as traveling.

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    Living on the edge

    Washi tape (colored paper tape) is your new best friend when it comes to decorating your room. Like painter’s tape, it removes without residue, meaning it’s perfect for temporarily decorating lackluster furniture. Add a pop of color without breaking the bank!

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    Lovely letters

    Instead of simply hanging twinkle lights, turn them into a custom marquee sign. This surprisingly easy craft is made from cardboard letters and electrical tape. In a few easy steps, you’ll have some major eye candy hanging in your room.

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    Tiny terrarium

    Placing some plants around your room adds a hint of freshness and life. Go even further with a DIY terrarium. Just gather up your favorite mini plants and welcome some green into your space.

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    Terrific tapestries

    Wall tapestries have been all the rage this year. If you’re not so keen to pay big bucks on one from the store, this tutorial will save your wallet by using objects already found in your home. Just find an old bed sheet and get printing!

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    Brilliant bed canopy

    Spice up your room this fall with a super delicate canopy. Sleep like a royal in an instant with this simple tutorial. Sweet dreams!

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by Yendi Reid | 2/1/2016