5 tips for making your room look totally luxe


Picture this: It's the end of a super long day at school, and all you want is to collapse in bed and chill out for a few hours before drifting off to dreamland. Except, um, there's a pile of clothes on your bed, your sheets are kind of scratchy and something just smells a little…off. Ugh—not exactly the sanctuary you were hoping for.

But keeping things clean and cozy is key to feeling happy and at home in your room. Just ask Tessa of Disney's Star Darlings, a sparkly sweetie who loves the luxe things in life. Her room at Starling Academy is the ultimate in cute comfiness, from her ever-present supply of delish delicacies to her collection of ultra-fab blankets. Ahead, check out her tips for transforming your room from "meh" to magical. 

Snuggle up 
Want to make your bed the best place in Wishworld (AKA Earth)? Stock up on soft blankets (like microfleece or flannel), cushy pillows of all sizes and shapes and maybe even a super-plush mattress pad. It'll be like sleeping on a cloud every single night. Ahhh…

Keep it light  
No one can relax when they're surrounded by harsh fluorescent light! Make your room shine with twinkle lights, cool lamps and other low-key light sources—perfect for chilling out. P.S. Too dim to do your Lighterature homework? An ultra-bright desk lamp should do the trick. 

Take a page out of Tessa's holo-book and fill your room with fab textures like faux fur or super soft silk. Rugs, curtains and furniture (like her chic chair) are an awesome way to incorporate different, fun feels. 

Stay sweet 
The only thing better than a luxe-looking lair? A sweet-smelling space. Add awesome aroma with good-enough-to-eat candles (like cinnamon or spun sugar), or go natural by adding a vase of Vertessema flowers…or whatever you have in Wishworld! 

Grow a green thumb
The best part of Tessa's bedroom is definitely the plants! Going green helps a space feel fresh and clean—and, if you're like her, you can even grow herbs, fruits or veggies to go in your gourmet meals! Press play below for a preview of this Star Darling's crazy cooking skills.

CLICK HERE to learn more about luxury-loving Tessa and the rest of the Star Darlings crew!

How do you spruce up your space? Let us know below!

by GL | 5/2/2016
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