Packrat be gone: How to declutter your space


Happy National Packrat Day! Packrats can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you hoard clothes you’ll never wear (just in case!) or you still have all your elementary school report cards, take today as an opportunity to banish your inner packrat.

It might not be your ideal way to spend your Tuesday, but there are some great benefits of decluttering: Doing away with all the extra stuff in your room can make it easier for you to focus—which is super important, especially if you use your room to do homework. It can also help you let go of emotional baggage. As crazy as it may seem, holding onto the stuffed animal your ex won you might be the reason you’re having so much trouble moving on.

Before you start to spring clean that space, set a timer for the amount of time you want to spend cleaning. Depending on how much work you have, try somewhere between fifteen to forty-five minutes. Then make it a game to see how much you can tackle.

The first step to decluttering is to split your room into zones to focus on. Typically, the areas that have the most clutter are dressers, closets, desks and under beds, so try these first. Focus on one at a time to make decluttering simplerer.

Next, look at your space with a fresh pair of eyes. Ask yourself if you need that medal from summer camp four years ago, or if there's really a point in hanging onto your favorite top that shrunk in the wash and doesn’t fit anymore. Typically (and sometimes sadly), the answer will be no. It might be hard to get rid of your clutter at first, but it’ll feel good in the long run.

One of our fave tips is to make sure you bring two trash bags up to your room. Use one for trash and one for things to donate. Try to fill both of them up during your decluttering session.

Just because it's clutter to you, doesn’t mean it won’t be worth something to someone. Try donating some of your items to Goodwill or, if some of your clothes are still in good repair, sell them to a consignment shop.

What’s your fave tip for decluttering? Tell us below!


by Maria Graham | 5/17/2016