Spice up your space with the spookiest Halloween decor


October 31st is only two weeks away so, to get you in the spirit of the season, we've gathered up the cutest DIYs for your room. These decorations will transform your room into the perfect Halloween hang spot with just a few hours and some basic supplies. Invite one of your buds over on a chilly fall day (or even ask  your sibs for help) and get to crafting!


Bats on bats
This quick DIY will turn a plain wall into a cute little bat backdrop.


These pumpkins will look adorable on your bookshelf or bedside table, and they're *so* easy to make! 


Frightful florals
This wreath makes a great accent for your door or hung over your bed. Add glitter to make it even more festive.


Knock knock...
Hang this cute little sign on your bedroom door to scare off any sneaky little sibs. Decorate with your favorite patterned paper or paint for a personalized touch (you can even pick a different word trick-or-treat!).

What's your favorite way to decorate your room for Halloween? Let us know in the comments? 

by Julia Bonney | 10/13/2016
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