Get your room in the Christmas spirit with this inspo


It’s technically *not* beginning to look a lot like Christmas, until you decorate...right? Now is the perfect time to gather all of those Christmas decorations and create your own adorable North Pole in your bedroom. From plush pillows to sparkly lights and ornaments, the possibilities are endless. Below is all of the inspiration you need to make your room as festive as can be this season.

An easy and simple décor that screams the holidays is hanging up rope lights. Whether you use fairy lights, or star lights like these, they will definitely glam up your room. The plus? You can keep them up all year round.

Who said a Christmas tree only belongs in the foyer or family room? Set up and decorate your very own tree in your bedroom (the miniature ones are the absolute cutest!).

A bed can *never* have too many pillows, especially when it's below freezing outside so stock up on different holiday-themed throw pillows. A mix of reindeer, Christmas lyrics and sequins will do the trick.

Set up stockings on your dresser or closet doors for extra holiday spirit. They’re also a great tool for storing all of your Christmas goodies. Win-win!

Hanging a wreath on your wall is easy and so festivegrab one that matches the colors in your room.

Drape a garland over your headboard for a classy touch. You can even hang lights and ornaments on it for extra bling.

How are you decorating your room this season? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Photo credit: Tumblr, Pinterest.

by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 12/7/2016
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