Tips to feng shui your bedroom for better sleep

The environment in which we sleep in is often the place where we find our peace. Feng shui is an Asian practice that helps connect humans to their environment with positive energy so if you want your bedroom to have a better energy, follow these few easy steps.

Open the windows. Breathing fresh air is super important to your health. Make sure your room isn’t stuffy by opening up your window at night or some time during the day. Doing this will allow the air to circulate and keep your room fresh. 

Fix your lighting. Candle light is a great way to bring positive energy to your bedroom. Warm, relaxing light = positive energy. 

Keep the colors neutral. An overload of color is not calming nor does it follow feng shui. Pick a palette that is more natural and versatile, then add pops of color when needed for your liking.

Hang up positive wall art. Whatever makes you happy, surround yourself with it. If having pictures up of friends and family brings positive energy, that’s what you should use to decorate. If you’re into inspirational quotes or artwork, go with that.

Get rid of the electronics. Artificial light is super damaging to your sleep so don’t fall asleep to a TV on and avoid checking your phone before you sleep. Get rid of the distraction especially if you notice your sleep pattern is going bad.

Keep your room clean. Clutter and chaos only adds to stress. The less mess you have around you, the calmer you’ll be. Need tips for a cleaner room? Click here

Close the doors when you sleep. Having a bunch of people in your house results in a lot of noise and less privacy. When you’re going to bed, keep the door closed to block out noise and give the feeling of privacy.

Which of these tips surprised you? Will you be trying them out? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 10/1/2017