The dark academia room decor you *need* in your life

The dark academia aesthetic is *so* romantic and beautiful. We're always wishing we could be in a mysterious old library or living in our favorite school from Dead Poet's Society. The modern world is great, but we can't help but imagine being the star of our own period film. We've rounded up the dreamiest room decor items to help you live your dark academia dreams in your own bedroom. 

Wax seal set, $26

Sending a hand written letter is already *totally* romantic, but sealing it with your own personal stamp gives us all the royal vibes. Wax seal sets come in all kinds of beautiful colors and stamp options and the process of melting and stamping the wax yourself is perfect for envisioning yourself in your own castle. 

Feather quill set, $17

We've all dreamed of attending Hogwarts and getting to attend the magical classes where the students do their homework with feather quills and ink. You can pen your own beautiful caligraphy or transfiguration essay with this ink and quill set worthy of the set of Harry Potter. 

Book embosser,  $37

Dark academia is all about a desire to read more and treasuring your books as your most prized posessions. Personalize the pages of book in your library with this customizable book embosser. Better yet, you'll never have to deal with misplacing any of your beloved copies. 

Leather journals, $14


Taking notes on your classes or scribbling out ideas for stories or poems is so much better in a vintage journal. These notebooks look like they just came from the world of Enola Holmes and are so pretty they're almost their own fashion accesory. 

Scented candle, $24


Fill your home with the comforting sweet scent of old paper and woods. A cute bookstore nestled away from the hustle and bustle is the dream of *any* dark academic, and you can bring those vibes right into your own room. For extra ambiance, try listening to your favorite classic music or write a short story under the candlelight. 

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by Abigail Adams | 2/6/2021