6 simple ways to *actually* keep your desk organized

Tackling the black hole otherwise known as your desk can be *so* daunting. But it's such a satisfying feeling to have a clean and tidy place to work, and it can get you in the perfect headspace. Follow our tips to keep your desk nice and neat!

Pick a purpose


Before organizing your desk, consider what you want to use it for. It might be solely a schoolwork space, or maybe it'll be a chill corner for your latest craft project. Or, it might be a mix of everything! Deciding this first will help you see what supplies you'll need at your disposal—and which ones you can store elsewhere.

Store your supplies


Whatever your vibe, there's totally a storage option for all of your gear. Pick up some mini baskets to place in your desk drawers, decorate adorable mason jars or create a cute catchall. Having a sweet setup will make it *that* much easier to keep it clean.

Put away your papers


The homework mountain is real—so store all your important docs and assignments in different folders. File 'em in fancy ones that make you smile, or try a colorful accordion folder that'll make storage a snap. Or, pick up a practical tray to pop your papers in at the end of the day.

Set up a desk shelf


Frustrated how you never have room for *anything* on your tiny table? Scout out (or DIY!) a desk shelf to maximize your space. You can store books and stationary supplies in it or display your favorite decor. This way, you'll have plenty of room to spread out your science project or work on your latest sketch.

Tidy up for 5 minutes each day


Little messes = *so* much easier to tackle than huge ones. Do a quick sweep of your desk each night (or every few nights—we understand that life gets in the way). Sort and stack your papers, clean up your art projects and return everything to their rightful spot. Worried you'll forget something if you tidy up? Use Post-its to mark important passages in books or highlighters to remind yourself of a big due date.

Make it your own


Personalizing your work area with favorite photos, bitty plants or treasured mementos will inspire you to keep it clean. You'll want these cute touches to stand out as a decorative display, so you may be more apt to tidy up. Block your precious pup's picture with a stack of HW? Never!

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by Ariane Faro | 3/8/2021