We found a scented candle for pretty much every mood

If you're anything like us, you know there's no better way to feel put-together than lighting a scented candle—it's giving *major* clean-girl vibes. With so many scent options, though, how can you be sure you're lighting the right candle at the right time? We're here to help with the ideal essence for every vibe.

Study session

Target, $10

If you need a scent that's gonna keep up with your mid-week workload, jasmine is the one for you. It's floral and light—but keeps you focused, too. It also improves your mood, which is essential after a long school day.

Spring cleaning

Paddywax, $32

Whether you're revamping your room or just putting away laundry, a crisp and clean-smelling candle will get your senses and your to-do list on the same page. We love a citrusy scent like orange blossom to brighten your space.


homesick, $34

For cozy reading vibes, a warm scent is essential. Vanilla is a classic, but there are also specialty candles that smell like old books (admit it, it's an amazing smell). If you're looking for something hyper-specific, search Etsy for a candle that smells like your fave fictional world or character! (Srsly, a candle that smells like The Burrow from Harry Potter? We're here for it.)


Voluspa, $34

Whether you're re-watching HSMTMTS before season three drops or just starting The Baby-Sitters Club, you'll need a candle that allows for maximum laziness. Opt for a calming floral (like rose) to relax your mind...or go for a warmer scent, like freshly-baked cookies. You'll want to splurge for the larger size, too, because you're going to be couch-bound for AMHAP (as many hours as possible).


Sophie Rose Candle Co., $20

Believe it or not, scent plays a large role in the success of your event. After all, no one wants to spend time in a space with a less-than-pleasant smell. A few minutes before your guests arrive, light your candle. We recommend a scent that's not too powerful—organic options like lemon and thyme work best. 

Winding down

Anthropologie, $28

After a long day, a candle can provide relaxation and add a calm vibe to your space. Stick to natural scents. Our go-to is lavender, which helps with sleep and has pain-relieving properties. Plus, the color is gorgeous. 

Planning your dream vacay

Bath & Body Works, $27

If you're spending your afternoon planning the perfect Parisian getaway or ideal island escape, you'll want a candle that transports you to your dream destination. If you have a city trip in mind, a coffee candle is sure to fuel your daydreams. For a more tropical trip, scents like coconut or pineapple are amaze options. 

Spa day

Paddywax, $26

For a day devoted to restoring allll the calm feels, we'll need a candle that will keep you as cool as a cucumber. In fact, cucumber is a perfect choice—crisp, clean, refreshing...all things essential to a successful spa day.

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Top image: Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash
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by Riley Yates | 1/28/2022