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Healthy eating tips from the fittest teen on Earth


Lifting 200+ pounds? Running up stairs carrying sandbags? Yeah, no big deal for 17-year-old Kaela Stephano. Recently crowned champion of the 2017 CrossFit Games Teen division (making her the fittest teen on Earth, seriously!), she knows a thing or two about staying in shape. And while her WODs (that's workout of the day) are key, so is eating healthy.

We had the chance to chat with Kaela about some of her healthy eating hacks and are sharing 'em with you below. P.S.: We love that she is all about balance and eats "normal" food, too...yay! 

GL: What is your *best* healthy eating tip?
Kaela: Eat clean during the week (think lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains), then allow yourself a cheat meal on the weekend. You'll stay healthy but still feel like a kid because you can enjoy all your fave foods.

GL: How do you eat to support your training?
Kaela: I always try to eat before and after workouts to help my bod recover. And quality counts!

GL: What's your motto when it comes to food and body image?
Kaela: I 100 percent believe that strong is the new skinny. It's so much better to be muscular, healthy and in shape than it is to be as thin as possible.

GL: Do you have any hacks for making meals healthier?
Kaela: One of my best-kept secrets is to swap regular pasta with Explore Cuisine protein pasta. It increases the amount of protein in your meal (yay for strong muscles and healthy hair!) and balances out the amount of carbs you're getting.

GL: What are your three favorite foods?
Kaela: Chocolate chip cookies, cereal and barbecue brisket.

What do you think about these tips? How do *you* eat healthier? Share below!

Photo credit: Instagram.

by Amanda Tarlton | 9/8/2017
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