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5 tasty ways you can eat seaweed that isn't sushi

One of the top trending health foods that have taken over for foodies everywhere is seaweed. Seaweed rose to popularity when everyone started to go to the grocery store to buy nori seaweed sheets, which are pretty much flat sheets of roasted seaweed with a fishy taste. Seaweed has been deemed a superfood and according to BBC News,"the protein in seaweed could make up to between seven to 35% of the plant's dry weight"

Try these five seaweed recipes that'll have your tastebuds watering.

1. Seaweed Breakfast Wraps
This recipe is a great way to boost your metabolism while incorporating some healthy foods to start out your day right. It'll satisfy the needs of the typical smoothie breakfast.

2. Veggie Jim
This is the *perfect* snack for new vegetarians/vegans alike. Ever go on a road trip and realize you can't eat a Slim Jim? The veggie jim is the perfect alternative that you can take for your next big trip.

3. Rolled Omelet with Seaweed
If you just want to gradually get into the seaweed trend, don't stress! Here is a recipe where you can incorporate it with something familiar- an omelette!

4. Seaweed Chips
Seaweed chips are the upgrade of the nori chips that made it famous. This recipe is a great way to create a seaweed chip with some zest and to add in different style flavors so you can personalize them however you please.

5. Seaweed Crunch Avocado Sandwich
This is a seaweed spin on a typical favorite—the avocado toast. Instead, this time we turn it into a sandwich that will incorporate the health of seaweed and the love of avocados.

Which one of these recipes are you most excited to try out? Let us know in the comment section below!


by Andrea Ruano | 3/26/2018