The *perfect* excuse to spend more time with your pup


If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how affectionate they are. And dogs in particular bring so much more to the table than just kisses and playing fetch. It’s been proven that dogs can easily boost our moods when we’re feeling blue, and can even help you grow more confident and responsible. It’s simplejust spend some quality time hanging out with adorable pups, whether you have one at home or visit them at a local shelter. Below, find out how these cute pets serve their purpose to help you live your healthiest, most fun life.

It’s fair to say that having a dog is the same thing as having a best friend. You’ll always feel like you have someone who cares about you and has your back for life. And that's true #relationshipgoals.

Stress relief
When you’re having a bad day, there’s nothing like seeing a wagging-tail pal. They'll make you feel more calm and will never stop giving you cuddlesand let’s be honest, sometimes that's just all we need.

Less anxiety
Dogs can sense when you're feeling down and will always be there to comfort you and lick your face when you need some care. There's even evidence that shows that spending more time with dogs can reduce stress (we definitely need that in our lives!).

More exercise
Whether you go for a walk or run with your pooch, your helping *both* your bods and health. Exercise is always a necessity, and doing it with a dog is just a bonusit’s a win-win.

Social time
If you have a dog, go out to the park with your parents and you’ll have the chance to meet other dog-loving people just like you. If not, gather your girl group for an outing to the pet shelter, and play with the pups for the day.

Spending quality time with a dog makes you feel safe and loved. Plus, research shows that sleeping with a dog by your side makes you more relaxed and sleep better. Who would say no to that?!

Lots of laughs
If you’re feeling down, dogs are always doing something hilarious and equally adorable. Whether they’re playing with a toy or chasing their tails, you’ll be in for a good laugh.

Unconditional love
Dogs don’t care if you’re having a bad hair day or wearing sweats. They’re a bundle of joy that will love you endlessly, no matter what.

Do you have a four-legged BFF? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 6/4/2018