Make *this* the year you stop procrastinating with these tips

Most of us are guilty of being a procrastinator at some point. And while you may have pulled off that science project that you only started the night before it was due, putting things off to the last minute is *not* a good habit. It can cause unnecessary stress, give you a bad reputation at school or work and decrease your chances of being successful. To stop procrastinating once and for all, check out these tips below. 

1. Ask yourself *why* you procrastinate.
Some people procrastinate because they want an assignment to be perfect. Others procrastinate because they think they work better under pressure which is rarely true and may stem from always completing important assignments this way. Identify the reason why you feel the urge to procrastinate and try to challenge that belief.

2. Make plans and set deadlines.
In the real world, deadlines are crucial. By making a list of tasks that you must complete and the date you must complete them by, you are better able to space out your time in order to get the work done. Check off tasks after they've been completed, so you know what is left to do (plus it's a major sense of accomplishment and gives you motivation to keep going!).

3. Tune out distractions.
We’ve all been there: It’s 11 p.m. and instead of working on your Catcher in the Rye report, you’re browsing pop song covers on YouTube or watching some random video of a cat dancing. Distractions can be fun, but they only hold you back from working. Turn off your phone, shut your door, and try to focus on what needs to be done. The sooner you finish the task, the less stressed out you will be. 

4. Reward yourself.
Give yourself a break in between tasks. Treat yourself to a Frappuccino if you finish your math study guide in time, and allow yourself to watch one episode on Netflix if you complete all of your homework first. By giving yourself basic rewards, you have more of an incentive to accomplish tasks and assignments.

5. Hold yourself accountable.
You are responsible for you—and that means owning up to, well, messing up. If you procrastinate or don't get a task done, gracefully accept the consequences and then make a plan to avoid it happening again. There's no one else to blame but y-o-u so take responsibility for what you do (or don't) do. Everyone makes mistakes but the key is to learn from them.

Are you a procrastinator? How do you deal with it? Tell us in the comments section!


by Amrita Bhasin | 8/4/2017