The six types of wellness you should know

Many of us have the wrong idea of what wellness is. It's not just about being physically healthy. It’s about your overall health—both internally and externally. It's about finding balance. An easy way to tell if you've got a good rhythm going? By utilizing the six types of wellness. Read on for these super important parts of the umbrella term we know and love: wellness.

Social circle
Social wellness is all about helping those around you. Is your bestie going through a super tough break-up? Be her shoulder to cry on. Could your mom use a li'l extra help around the house? Offer to wash the dishes for her. By helping your friends, fam—and even the community around you, you're creating positive vibes that will start a ripple effect.

Presh passions
What makes you tick? Whether it's an extra-curricular like debate team or a sport like soccer, it’s important that these activities are meaningful and important to you. Don’t choose something because your friends are doing it; choose something because it totally motivates you and ignites a fire inside of you like nothing else.

Spiritual sister
Regardless of what you believe in, you probably have certain values and beliefs that you've formed or that have been passed down from Mom and Dad. Whether you practice mindfulness through meditation or yoga or get together with your local youth group, these activities present you with an opportunity to better yourself.

Physical practice
It's important to be confident and happy with your body at all stages. Physical wellness is about creating a healthy relationship with you and your body—however that looks. Maybe you ran three miles one day and the next you treated yourself to a donut. Just remember, regular exercise and healthy eating habits are key for feeling your tip-top best.

Intellectual prowess
Intellectual wellness is the continual search for more knowledge. Not just in terms of school but in life and experiences. Be open to new opportunities. Learn from your mistakes. Did you say something off-the-cuff that upset your bestie? Although you may have been trying to help her, the words might have come off as being rude or hurtful. Talk to your bestie to find out why and use the experience as a growing opportunity.

All the feels
Emotional wellness is being aware of and recognizing your emotions. Are you happy, sad, frustrated, lonely? Why? Finding the root cause of your feelings can help you better assess the situation that's making you feel a certain way. Don't: suppress emotions because it's super unhealthy. Do: try to write down exactly what you’re feeling so you break down where the emotions are coming from.

Achieving wellness is a process, an ebb and flow. With persistence you’ll be able to conquer it—one step at a time.

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by India Afriyie | 3/30/2018
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