7 springtime resolutions to challenge yourself

As springtime rolls in and the sun warms us up, we can't help but feel #posivibes that have us wanting to make changes for the better. Whether you want to feel good or clear out your room, making a spring resolution is a great way to blossom—just like the flowers.

1. Resolve to make a new friend
Meeting new people and creating new connections is a great way to embrace a new season. New friends can bring different perspectives and energies in your life. An easy way to make conversation with a potential BFF? Go up to her and compliment her on her outfit or her killer speech in English class. She'll appreciate you noticed!

2. Try a new type of exercise
Whether it’s yoga, boxing or biking, finding new ways to move your body is a perfect way to keep those wonderful spring vibes coming. You’ll open your mind and body up to new thoughts and muscle groups.

3. Work on a painting
It doesn’t matter if you’re a painter or not. Creating art is a great way to memorialize your spring this year and a perf way to de-stress. Find a pretty picture or a tutorial of a painting and work on it little by little throughout the season. By the end you’ll have a work of art that represents your growth.

4. Pick five new foods to try
If you’re an avid eater or a picky eater this resolution will work for you. Avid eaters will enjoy their tasty buds being excited with new flavors. If you’re a picky eater, this is an opportunity to try new things and explore what you like in food.

5. Volunteer
Helping your community is a great way to grow this spring. There are many community projects that you can help out with, just ask around. Pro tip: Volunteer with your bestie. It'll hold you accountable and be a fun way to connect with your best babe.

6. Read a book
Find a fun story to read. Challenge yourself by reading a different genre. Do you love historical fiction? Try a sci-fi book instead!

7. Write down your positive thoughts
Anytime you have a good thought about yourself or anyone else write it down in a journal. You’ll be able to visualize your good thoughts throughout the springtime. If you're having a bad day, you can quickly scroll through your notes for an instant mood lifter.

The spring is an amazing time to try new things and make new resolutions. Use this season to search for yourself and find peace within the new flower you're bound to bloom into.

What’s your favorite flower? Let us know in the comments!


by India Afriye | 4/5/2018
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