Five comforting things to say to a friend struggling with depression

We are celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month by bringing even more awareness to mental illness. As depression and anxiety continues to rise amongst teens, more and more of our peers may be secretly struggling with depression. And It's hard watching someone you love struggle with a mental illness. It can feel like there's nothing you can do to help your friend become herself again. That's why we're sharing a few things you can always say when comforting your bestie. 


1. Nothing


Fighting depression is exhausting. Everyday you are forcing yourself to get out of bed, go to school, do your homework and then hang out with your friends despite how depressed you feel. Depression can steal all your energy to do literally everything from taking a shower to going to a party. Sometimes it’s beyond comforting to just lie on the couch together and watch TV. No talking, just chilling.

2. I love you


These three little words can make your bestie’s day. Being told I love you makes them feel valued, appreciated and darn right lucky to be loved by a friend like you.


3. I care about what’s going on with you


It’s easy to dismiss a mental disorder like depression because it isn’t as noticeable as, say, a bleeding arm or a bad cold. So it’s hard to find people who truly believe you when you say you're depressed and who will take your mental illness seriously. Saying that you care about your friend’s mental state is *major.* And it may just make you best friend of the year!


4. I know you’re lonely, but I’m here


Depression can make your friend feel completely alone. Sometimes, depression makes you feel like you’re the only one struggling to survive. Acknowledging the loneliness means that you validate their feelings and you genuinely want to help.


5. Your future is beyond bright. Please don’t give up


Sometimes, it’s hard to see past the pain depression brings and focus on positive things. Talking about how gifted your friend is and their bright future gives them hope for a better tomorrow.

How do you help a friend who's struggling with depression? Let us know in the comments below.


by Joy Cato | 5/17/2018