How to start thinking positively about your body


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Body positivity is hard. It can be a long, complicated journey to love your body, especially when women are conditioned to believe that the skin they're in isn't good enough. We see women who look thinner than us, more muscular, with shinier hair, whiter teeth, smaller feet—anything that can be an insecurity is one. But that's not at all healthy, and it's time to stop thinking that way. This exercise is really hard, but it's important. 


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For one day, write down every negative thought you have about yourself or your body. Acknowledge those thoughts without judgement and write them down in a notebook or in your phone. Let yourself have a completely normal day, just being mindful of the negative thoughts you have about your body. Keep track of when you think negatively. How soon do they start after you wake up? What were you doing when you had them?


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Before you go to bed that night, read through your list of negative thoughts. And then, this is the hardest part, imagine actually saying that to someone you love. Imagine how painful it would be for them and how awful you would feel about it. It would suck. Then why would you ever talk to yourself that way? 


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You only have one body. It's the only one you're ever gonna get, and that body does so much for you. It feeds you and protects you, it carries you and keeps you healthy. It lets you enjoy and explore the world. Your body is the ultimate best friend. And it's time for you to show it some love in return. 


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by Molly Greenwold | 7/20/2020