Why meditation is the ultimate form of self-care

2020 has created many unexpected transitions in our daily lives. From our social interactions, our school life and grocery runs, life has been more chaotic than the norm. Taking a few moments out of your day to destress and be in tune with yourself is so important. 

We rounded up five reasons why you should make meditation a part of your daily habits. 

Teaches you to be present

Finding a balance between living in the past or future is incredibly difficult. It is something we all struggle with but meditation can help. According to spiritual counselor and author, Padma Gordon, one of the gifts of meditation is its invitation to be present. “Meditation invites you to learn, relax and be open to whatever appears. You learn how to just be,” Gordon shares. It leads us into stepping into the present and being aware of ourselves and our surroundings, even just for a few minutes. 

Improves your relationships with others

We often react poorly when things don’t go our way in life. Emotions can be overwhelming, especially when we let ourselves get swept away by them. The gift of meditation is that it betters our ability to respond to emotionally charged moments. "Once you’re present, that helps you learn how to manage yourself and not be run by your emotions, so that you respond instead of reacting,” Gordon reveals. Being at ease with our emotions instead of being controlled by them helps us have healthier relationships with others. If we are not run by our reactions, we interact with others in a stronger, healthier manner.

Improves your relationships with yourself

Sometimes we get so caught up in the business of our lives, we lose ourselves. We end up missing out on the one person we need the most. Meditation gives us the chance to catch up with ourselves. According to Gordon," gives you access to a place to rest inside yourself. A place where nothing is needed. This is called taking refuge in the heart of love.” There’s something so beautiful about accessing how we’re really feeling. Meditation allows us to be more comfortable within our minds and learn to love the peace we find there.

Eases your anxiety 

When I’m anxious, I find taking a few minutes for myself to find peace always helps. There’s something about focusing on the breath, scanning the body and easing the tension that makes one’s entire day easier. It can often feel uncomfortable at first, but I quickly learned how much I can gain from it. As Gordon says, it helps us to be present. I often need to be reminded to live in the moment and be at peace with myself and my mind. I think everyone can benefit from taking a few minutes to find peace, to rest inside oneself and while there, find love.

If you feel inspired to start your day off with meditation, but you don't know where to start, check out Padma Gordon’s meditations on the Insight Timer app.

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by Grace Hasson | 10/23/2020