The right way to treat your skin post-workout


The hard part is over: you convinced yourself to workout—but do you ever feel like your skin is only getting worse because of it? Since many of us either skip or don’t know the correct way to treat our skin after a sweaty workout, we did some digging to help out. Here's what you need to know to get glowing skin and gain some major confidence. 

Skip the makeup.

Ditch the foundation and the mascara! Lets treat our skin right—by taking off our makeup it helps unblock our pores and leaves our skin happy after a workout. 

Get out of those sweaty clothes ASAP.

Staying in your sweaty clothes can contribute to breakouts by keeping sweat and bacteria so close to the skin. Be sure you hop out of your sweaty gear as soon as you can.

Skip the hot water.

After a tough workout nothing sounds better than a nice hot shower. Don’t do it! Too hot of water can strip the skin of vital oils that will leave your skin dry and itchy.

Be gentle.

After a sweaty workout our first instinct is to scrub the dirt away. However, scrubbing too hard can be rough on sensitive or dry skin. It is best to use gentle shampoo and cleanser when rinsing off.

Find the right product.

Washing your face after a work out is crucial! Everyone’s skin type is different, so be sure to hunt for the right product that matches your skin type, whether it be dry or oily.


It is important to rehydrate the skin right after showering. This is easy just apply a facial moisturizer and body lotion to your skin.

Control the mane.

While it is beneficial to keep your hair up while you work out, it is also important to keep your hair away from your face afterwards, too. This will help avoid clogged pores from the natural oils in your hair.  

So what tips can you share about your after workout routine? Share in the comments below.


by Carissa Hyland | 2/1/2016
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