5 exercises you can do in your room at home


Despite what you may think, exercise doesn't have to happen in a gym; it can take place anywhere! For those days you can't or don't feel like leaving your room, try these five exercises to get a good workout in from home.   

1. Jumping Jacks
Cardio doesn’t just have to be on a treadmill or a bike, it can be right in your bedroom. Get your blood pumping with 30 jumping jacks to start your workout. Take a break at the 15 mark, then do 15 more to finish it off. 

2. Push-ups
Push-ups are excellent for strengthening your core and toning your upper body. Start with doing 10, take a break, then do 10 more. If you struggle with push-ups, try doing them on your knees to make it easier. 

3. Lunges
Work your quads and butt by lunging from one end of your room to the other. Do this five times, keeping your upper body straight and legs tight. Try to go slowly so that your muscles really stretch as you go.

4. Toe Touches
Toe touches are great for tightening and toning your upper abs. Start by lying on your back and raising your legs in the air so they are at a 90º angle. Bring your hands up to your toes, lifting your back as you move up. Do 25 reps. 

5. Step Ups
Grab a low bench or footrest (or chair if you don't have anything else) and stand in front of it. With your hands on your hips, step up onto it with one leg and pull the other leg up, bringing your knee to your chest. Do this 10 times for each leg. Step-ups are a great full-body exercise. Stepping up and balancing on one leg engages your core, and the up and down movement of your leg strengthens your lower back and butt. 

No need to wait for mom to drive you to the gym, you can do any or all of these in your room for a great sweat sesh at home. If you want to make a full workout, go through the list 3 times, taking a rest between each set of the exercises. 

How do you stay fit without leaving the house?


by Sarah Fritz | 8/14/2019