The *weirdest* fitness trends of 2017 (like, um, goat yoga)


Every year there are new trends when it comes to the way we exercise. But some of the newest of 2017 are already having us say, "What?!?" Here are five fitness trends that will leave you simultaneously confused and interested:

Trampoline Class
Did you dream of getting a trampoline when you were little? Was that dream never fulfilled? Well prepare yourself for that to change with exercise classes that take place almost entirely on mini-trampolines.

Here comes another fitness trend that will remind you of your hopscotch days. Hoopilates has everyone from Michelle Obama to elementary schoolers doing it. It combines the hula hoop with Pilates to keep you having fun and burning calories!

Float Yoga
Yoga makes the list once again. Only this time there are less goats and more water. So whether you are allergic to the aforementioned animal or you want to try your hand at an exercise that will both work up a sweat and keep you cool, this one is for you.

Kangoo Jumps
This one might not be for those of you who are a bit clumsy. Kangoo Jumps is a high intensity fitness program that, as you may have guessed, will have you shoes that were made for joggers and runners originally, in order to take repeated impact off of the knees and ankles.

Goat Yoga
Yes, you read that right. A new trend has people doing the downward dog with one of our other favorite furry friends. One woman in Oregon has a waitlist of over 1,200 people who want to do just that. People who’ve participated in the class have referred to the experience as “calming, relaxing, and fun”. And while we haven’t made the trip up to Oregon to participate, we’re inclined to agree.

Did we miss any of your favorite bizarre fitness trends? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: ABC, CNN, Elixir, Skinny Mom, Sky Spirit.

by Goat Yoga? Hoopilates? Read about the crazy fitness trends that are gaining popularity. | 1/15/2017
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