The ultimate workout you can do *during* the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is hands down one of the most fun events of the year, especially for football fangirls. What's better than watching a sports game with family, friends, and a *ton* of food? There's just one problem: You still want to squeeze in a Sunday sweat sesh. Luckily, we've found a way for you to workout *and* watch the Super Bowl, no matter what team you're rooting for. Check out this awesome gametime routine you can put into play tomorrow:

Every time you see...

A touchdown25 jumping jacks.

A field goal25 crunches.

An extra point60 second plank.

A first down10 burpees.

A fumble10 push ups.

An interception30 second plank.

A time out15 lunges.

A personal foul15 squats.

A safety45 second plank.

Seem a little too intense? Try working out for just one quarter or until halftime. Any pace is a good pace as long as you're getting that body moving. This touchdown-worthy workout idea is courtesy of The Sweaty Betties.  

What's your favorite part of the Super Bowl? Are you going to try/modify this workout? Let us know in the comments! 

Photo credit: Instagram.

by Julia Bonney | 2/4/2017
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