6 YouTubers who will plan your weekly workouts for you

Working out and moving your body can be super fun, but sometimes you just can't decide what to do. Maybe you have no clue if you're choosing the right workouts—or you just don't know where to begin.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way. With the help of these six YouTubers, you'll have a daily workout plan laid out for you right on your phone. It's almost like having a virtual personal trainer.

At the start of each week, they all post their own weekly calendar that tells you *exactly* what videos you should do each day, as well as when to take your rest days. To make things even easier, some also provide a playlist with the videos of the week. Whether you're looking to become more toned, feel more energized or just want to relax with some yoga, keep reading to find a plan that's perfect for you. 

Mary Braun

Every Sunday, Mary provides her weekly plans with a different theme or focus each week (some weeks have killer cardio, while others focus on taking things slow). She also allows you to choose how many days you want to work out, with up to three rest days. Plus, if you follow her on Insta, she posts daily motivation to remind you to get your workouts in.

Eylem Abaci

Eylem provides five workout plans each Sunday, including one for beginners, advanced, and busy people. There's also one focusing on getting visible abs and another one for a bubble butt. Her programs can be found both in Turkish and English. Although her videos seem short, they will still have you feeling sore the next day. She also posts the plans and further details of her videos on her Insta

Elizabeth Chu

Elizabeth proves that you can work out anywhere in your home with all her videos set right in the house. This also creates an amazing environment—it almost feels like working out with a friend. At the beginning of each week, she uploads her three plans—low-impact, high-impact and fat loss. She makes it super easy by providing weekly updated playlists, and you can screenshot the plans on her Insta for easier access.

Angela Kajo

Angela creates two weekly plan options based on how much time you have to workout—ranging between 30-50 minutes. She chooses a focus each week, whether it's abs this week and lower body the next. The plans are uploaded to her Insta every Sunday so you can get started by early Monday morning. What you'll love about Angela's workouts is that you'll feel more energized and you'll notice an immediate improvement in your posture.

No Bad Addiction

If you enjoy those workouts that feel more like a class at the gym, then this is the plan for you. At the start of each month, this channel provides you with a calendar and a daily video as your workout, along with a playlist, a warm-up and cool-down option and three optional extra videos as finishers (if you're up for the challenge).

Move With Nicole

Nicole provides her weekly plans and a convenient playlist every Sunday. Her plans tend to include two daily videos—the main workout and an add-on. Nicole's workouts are perfect if you're more into those calming and mindful exercises (like pilates, barre and yoga). As a plus, her voice narrating each video is oh-so-calming.

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by Alaina Cintron | 5/2/2022