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Nervous about a male doctor

I had to go to an endocrinologist because I’m short for my age. Before I went, I asked my mom if there would be any “business” you-know-where, and she told me it wouldn’t be that kind of appointment…but it was! I felt totally violated because the doctor was a guy and he had to examine me down there. My mom says I have to go back soon, but I’m sooo nervous! What can I do to make myself calm down?

These are feelings you should bring up, girlie, ‘cause you should never feel violated when you go to the doctor. Talk to you mom and tell her how you’re feeling. Suggest that you would be much more comfortable with a female doctor, regardless of whether or not the doc needs to take a look down there again.

Can’t make the switch? Take a deep breath, this really isn’t the end of the world, promise. Lots of girls and women have male physicians and gynecologists who perform physicals and “down there” exams. For your doctor, taking a look at your bod is totally scientific. He’s probably looked at hundreds of vaginas during his career, so don’t feel like this is something new for him, too. It’s totally normal.

If you’re still feeling awkward, you might want to talk to your doc about it. If you’re too nervous to ‘fess up your feelings face-to-face, try writing him a letter so you don’t have to worry about being tongue-tied during your appointment.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016