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5 common myths about braces


So your parents took you to the ortho for your very first consultation and well, you've just heard the words every teen dreads: "You need braces!". This is about when the panic sets in and the questions begin to race your mind: Will I be able to kiss? Do they hurt? 
Since you've probably heard a million and one horror stories from friends (or even the internet) you may be thinking the worst at this point.
But dont worry...braces are totally safe and so not a big deal, we promise! 
Take a deep breath and read on to find out what's myth and get the facts straight:
My braces will set off metal detectors. 
Don’t fret! You can still take that end of summer vacation you've been dying to go on with the fam. The material that braces are made of is actaully too light to interfere with metal detectors (even the ones at the airport).


If two people with braces kiss, they will get stuck together! 

Although being stuck with your sweetie may seem like a dreamy scenario, this is not the way it will happen. Braces today are so small that it’s nearly impossible for them to get stuck together (i.e you can continue to lock lips all you want without the fear of getting hooked, phew!).  

Braces will make my mouth hurt all the time. 
Also false! We live in the modern ages, which means most medical procedures are practically painless. At first, you will feel a little pressure as the braces are placed on your teeth. But the only other time you will feel discomfort is when your braces get tightened. Other than that, you'll get used to the metal suckers and will forget they are even there.
My braces will rust! 
Luckily, your teeth will not look like that bike you left in the garage and didn’t clean for 3 years. Unlike the metal in bikes, braces won't rust because they are made of strong titanium alloy material. So to be clear - you can stop worrying becuase your mouth won't be a total rust bucket if you get braces!
I won't be able to play an instrument or sports. 
Although playing an instrument with braces will feel a little awkward at first, you'll get used to the feeling and eventually, it won’t bother you at all. Braces will not interfere with your ability to play an instrument – they are way too small to make that much of a difference in your performane. And when you play sports with braces, just make sure to wear a mouth guard at all times to protect yourself. Now, go play some tunes and hit the court game ready!

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by Andrea Rizkallah | 2/1/2016