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Red hair don't care


Ginger. Fireball. Carrot top. Chances are you've heard someone say these things before. Maybe you've even said them without realizing how hurtful the words actually are to the person next to you. The truth is, being a redhead isn’t easy. We are the punch line of every joke and made to feel alienated at times. It was because of the comments and laughter that I grew up wishing I would magically wake up a brunette--but today, that has changed. I stand tall and proud because I love my red hair, and I don't care! 

Next time you run into someone that makes a joke about your red hair, remember this:

The issue 

First things first, know that when people call you "ginger" or "fire-head", they usually don’t intend for it to be mean. Unfortunately, redheads are made fun of in several TV shows, movies, and music videos. People just replicate what they see and join in with the crowd, not knowing that it can actually hurt someone’s feelings. If someone you know continues to joke about your hair or say things that make you uncomfortable, tell them! Let them know that their words are hurtful and that you don’t appreciate their actions. Chances are they didn’t even know what they were doing and will no longer comment about your hair.

Say buh-bye to the haters

As crazy as it may seem, there have been studies proving that redheads are going "extinct", which opens up a lot of possible jokes. Instead of dealing with the haters, remember that you’re so unique and that you are one of a kind in every way! From bright red hair to soft auburn, red hair comes in tons of different shades and all of them are beautiful. 

Learn to love Y-O-U

Redheads, blondes, brunettes and all those who are rocking every color under the sun – don’t make fun of someone based on their hair color. Our hair should be celebrated and we should feel free to express ourselves through our hair color. And remember to watch what you say to others--just because you think it may be funny doesn’t mean everyone else will, too. Let’s kick negative comments to the curb and spread some red hair love to everyone we know!

Do you have red locks? How do you deal with the negative comments people make towards you?

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016