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Bust out of the PMS blues with these moves



During your period, working out may be the absolute last thing you want to do. One of the curses of being a girl is that our bodies feel totally different at different times during the month thanks to our hormones—but the right workout at the right time can give you just the boost you need. So we got the lowdown on what workouts work best, to help you bust those annoying monthly PMS blues. Check 'em out below. 

During your period
There’s no doubt that those first few days on your period are the worst. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t work out while menstruating. Though period myths may tell you otherwise, working out while on your period is perfectly healthy. But instead of hitting the gym with your usually full body workout planned, take it a lil’ easier. Yoga, swimming, or a light walk or bike ride is a great way to stay active while on your period without feeling totally exhausted. 

The week after your period
Right after your period ends, your body’s testosterone and estrogen levels will rise. This means your body is up for the challenge of building lean muscle mass and the connective tissues which bind muscles and bones. So, try some high intensity interval training or a boot camp. Anything that will increase your heart rate is fair game, and you’ll be feeling more up to it than ever!

Week three of your cycle
During the third week of your cycle, you’ll probably be feeling pretty exhausted. This is no surprise; at this time your estrogen levels drop, leaving you feeling pretty beat. Lower levels of estrogen also make you more susceptible to injury. If you’re still itching to work out, try a work out that’s more floor-based, like a barre class or pilates work out. Feeling too beat? Enjoy a few rest days this week.

The week before your period
This is the dreaded week of PMS. High levels of progesterone cause cramps, moodiness, bloating, along with a long list of annoying symptoms. While you might be feeling especially horrible this week, working out is exactly what you need to do to boost your mood and beat those symptoms. The endorphins released when you break a sweat can make you feel way better. A workout which increases your heart rate is a great idea, whether it’s a bike ride or intense yoga class.  And remember to eat right, too—stay away from super greasy floods that will only add to your bloat.

What do you do to help yourself feel better when you’ve got the PMS blahs?

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by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016