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How to find the right bra size for your bod

Too small or too large bras are the absolute worst. You'll either spend the entire day uncomfortably adjusting your band to make sure it's not digging into your skin, or wishing you had enough to fill out the too-big cups. Buying the wrong size bra is actually an incredibly easy thing to do. You've probably seen tags with sizes such as 36B and 32A, but how are you supposed to know what the best size is? What does the number mean? And what the heck is the difference between a B cup and a C cup? 

Well, the number is your band size and the letter is your cup size. The best way to figure out these measurements is to use these three easy steps...

1. Measure the band size
Stand in front of a mirror and wrap a soft measuring tape like this one all the way around your torso making sure that the tape is directly under your breasts. Remember to stand straight and relax while measuring. If you get an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. That is your band size. 

2. Measure your cup size
While wearing a non-padded bra, measure around your body again—but this time pull the tape measurer across the nipple at the fullest part of your breast. Again, be sure you're in a relaxed position. Check in the mirror to make sure the measuring tape is taut across your back (the way your bra will naturally sit on your body).

3. Use those subtraction skills
Subtract the cup size measurement (the second number) from the band size (the first number). For example, if you measured 36 inches for your band size and subtracted 34 inches for your cup size, you'd be left with 2. Two corresponds to a B in bra sizes. Check out the chart below:

If you don’t want to measure yourself, you can always go to a professional fitter. Nearly every department store or specialty bra shop has them and they will ensure you leave knowing your correct bra size. Also keep in mind that bras are like shoes, no two fit the same. When you go bra shopping you can’t simply rely on your size, you have to try a bra on to make sure it is comfortable and that it fits correctly. Another tip is to measure every time you head out to buy new bras. You're still growing and developing, which means your breasts are too. In fact your bra size changes even into adulthood, so measure often in order to stay comfortable all the time.

Have you ever measured yourself to find the best-fitting bra? Did it help?

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by Maddie Smith | 2/12/2018