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Real Girls Share Their Bra-Buying Stories

Girls bare their souls on their introductions to bra shopping…

My mom went up to the saleslady and started telling her I was growing up now and I need a bra—like I wasn't even there. Of course, all these other women started staring and giggling. 

My mom is a total bargain shopper and always loves to show off her steals. Without even consulting me, she bought me two bras and then in front of my younger brothers, she says, "Honey, can you try these on?" Ugh.

I was scared to ask my mom for a bra and I used to talk to my friends about it on the phone. She must have overheard one because one day I just found some in my drawer.

My mom kept saying to the saleslady, at the top of her voice, "She wants a nice comfortable one. A first bra. Nothing too big!" The saleslady told me I was too flat and didn't need one. The store had a whole wall of bras. I hurriedly picked one out, but of course mine was on top of the wall. My mom had to go get a pole to get it down, and of course I thought I saw a boy I knew and ducked into the dressing room. My mom just stood in the middle of the floor, calling my name, holding this bra. 

All my friends were a grade higher than me and they all already had bras. I couldn't get up the guts to ask my mom. One day, I was trying some pants on and my mom just reached over the door and handed me a bra and said, "Try this on." Simple as that.

The bra department was next to the children's section. So kids were passing by, seeing me carrying five bras and my mom talking really loudly. One little kid asked us what we were doing. I wanted to die. 

My mom wanted me to get a bra so bad she ambushed me. She had lured me into the lingerie section and then just sort of sneaked up and snapped one on me, right over my t-shirt, right in the middle of the store. I never wanted to leave home again. 

My mom and I were shopping and she just picked up a really pretty one and asked me totally casually if I wanted to pick out a bra. And that's how it happened!

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7/29/2009 7:00:00 AM