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This is the *best* way to shave your legs

If you shave your legs, you've probably asked yourself once or twice how your leg hair grows so fast. The truth: it doesn’t. If you've just shaved and you already feel hairs sprouting back up, it's actually because you didn’t get the closest shave you could have the first time around. 

We know the struggle. So, here’s a list of ways to get the closest shave posisble this summer

Part of the prob is that you’re shaving over top of your dead skin rather than removing it first. Exfoliating is the *perfect* way to clear out those layers of dead skin. Sounds kinda gross but there are some delicious smelling exfoliators out there to make the process more pretty. If you don’t shave every day, start exfoliating three days before you do to ensure your shave is superb.

Use three blade razors.
Going shopping for razors can be a drag. There are so many out there it’s sometimes difficult to pick one but it’s time to start reading the packaging. Look for razors with three blades because two blade razors is quickly clogging up the back *and* not getting the job done.

Stop dry shaving.
First, this is super painful and, because of that, you barely apply pressure when you shave. By dry shaving you’re actually aggravating your skin and leaving yourself open to the possibility of razor burn. So, take the extra time to lather up with a smooth shower gel or shaving cream and *then* shave. Skin is the largest organ on your body. Take care of it!

Shave at the end.
Do you shave first thing when you get in the shower, or last? If you said last, you're a smart cookie. Allowing all the sweat and dirt on your skin to wash off will give you a cleaner shave *and* hot water softens the skin and hair. So, instead of getting right to it, do everything else that needs to be done—heck, even throw on a hair mask—and *then* start your shave.

What are your best shaving secrets? Share below! 

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by Gabby Regalbuto | 6/15/2018
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