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7 YouTubers dish out life-changing body confidence advice

Do you ever see confident, beautiful girls and feel like you just #can'trelate? You’re not alone. So many girls hate the way they look, and feel ashamed because of it. It’s easy to think that you’ll love yourself once you lose 5 lbs. Or you’ll love yourself once you have clear skin. Or once your hair finally tames itself. Easier than waiting for all of those things to suddently happen? Adopting self-confidence and self-love into your everyday life.

2018 is the year of self-acceptance. If you’re just starting to try to figure out how to love yourself, or if you’re struggling to be confident, these YouTubers have some great advice. So go ahead, give yourself and your body a break and give these videos a watch.  

Megan Jayne Crabbe is a body-positive activist and an eating disorder survivor who explains why she doesn’t think fat is an insult. Hint: It all depends on your perspective. 

This Buzzfeed video will make you rethink your whole life. It’s a chilling look into what it’s like to not have self confidence—and it also shows how your perspective changes when you see yourself through someone else’s eyes. 

What if loving yourself didn’t depend on how pretty you were, the grades you got or how many friends you have? Spoiler alert: It doesn’t! Youtuber Derek believes that self love shouldn’t depend on anything except you deciding to love yourself. His self-love channel is dedicated to this journey and tips.

Famous beauty YouTuber Arden Rose talks about her self-acceptance journey. From dieting, hating her body—she’s been through it all. This video made makes you realize that even the people we look up to have to really work at loving themselves, and that even if you have millions of followers telling you that you're beautiful, the only thing that really matters is how you fell about yourself. 

This awesome youtuber Loey Lane talks about being called “the fat girl,” finding love and how society’s standards about dating are completely false. 

Lavendaire knows that self-care is crucial. Tip: It's the little things. She gives actually useful tips you can apply to your life, like faking it till you make it, taking time to take hot baths and watch funny shows, and telling yourself that you are beautiful. Who doesn’t want to watch more netflix and pamper themselves in the name of love?

Leizel Cosgrove is a young adult….with braces. While Leizel knows that it’s hard to feel like yourself with a pound of metal in your mouth, she gives cool tricks to feel more confident in public.

2018 is the year that all girls need to stop paying attention to other people’s standards. Comment below if you liked the videos!

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by Kira Barrett | 1/5/2018
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