Blush Much

The big picture

Ok, I was at the movies one time with my little cousins and I saw my crush there. To be cute I took my cousins into one of those photo booths to get their picture taken with me. Unfortuanatly, it was one of the booths that has a screen on the outside so people can see you getting your picture taken (I was unaware of this at the time). I was leaning over inside the booth to fix my little cousins hair and apparently, my butt was pressed up against the inside screen. I had just worn some casual sweats that day and they were a little big so when I bent over, they slipped down a bit, revealing my thong to everyone in the theater lobby. When I got out of the booth, my crush came up to me and said, "Nice thong." I stared at him puzzled for a moment, then he fianlly explained it all. I never spoke to him again, though I'm still crushing on him.

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by GL reader | 2/1/2016