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October's Grand Prize Giveaway!

In the land of glass slippers and prince charmings far, far away…hold the phone! Rewind! We’ve all heard the tall tales of Cinderella, but fairy godmothers? Pumpkin carriages? Let’s get real!


Another Cinderella Story featuring cutie-patootie Selena Gomez and yummy-tummy Drew Seeley mixes up the old school fairytale like it’s never been done before.
Mary (Selena Gomez) is a high school teen trapped with a fam that’s got her working her booty to the brim. Girl’s got dreams to be whisked away (don’t we all?), but little does she know what’s in store. Taking her blues to the dance floor, one magical night jivin’ with a mysterious feller (Drew Seeley) at her school’s Black and White masquerade is all it takes for this man in black to fall head over heels. But with a midnight curfew (ugh!), it’s a mad dash home before what else? Disguised Mary can reveal who she really is! Will Mary meet her man or forever be tappin’ solo to a bluesy beat?

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10/1/2008 7:00:00 AM
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