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Exactly what to do this summer, based on your zodiac sign

The stars just called to let you know that the next three months are going to be amazing.

Summer is here and, as far as the stars are concerned, there's plenty to be optimistic about (yasss)! Mercury kicks things off by exiting its retrograde on June 3, restoring a much-needed sense of order and calm.

While there are some retrogrades happening in the next few months, the slow pace of summer is the best possible timing for them. Saturn, the planet of structure, enters its retrograde in idealistic Aquarius on June 4, making everyone reassess their goals and what kind of person they want to be. On June 28, Neptune enters retrograde in its representative sign, dreamy Pisces, further inspiring a re-evaluation of everyone's hopes for the world.

But don't worry: In between that self-reflection is a generous amount of fun. The season kicks off with the sun in Gemini, the unofficial party sign that makes everyone feel a little more social. And by the end of July, the sun enters vivacious Leo, further bringing out everyone's boldest, most exuberant best. 

Whether it comes to new friendships, deep connections with your crush or fantastic future plans, "dream big" is the catch phrase for this scintillating summer. Huzzah!


As a fire sign who dreads lulls, your ideal summer is jam-packed. You don't want to feel aimless, but you also don't want to end up too stressed and busy. Striking a balance between conquering personal goals, kicking back with friends and unwinding on your own is key.

Peak summer moment: July 28, when Jupiter retrograde enters Aries. It's time to slow down and examine if you're on the right track and doing what makes you happiest (so you can quickly correct course if not).


Your best summer? One that allows you to recharge (your sign is all about luxury and comfort, ofc). Whether you're reading a book or hanging by the pool with your BFF, you honestly don't mind if things feel a little slow—you have the rest of the year to pick up the pace. For now, take in the calm.

Peak summer moment: July 5, when Mars enters Taurus. If you're feeling stuck, the planet of action gives you a much-needed energy boost to get out there and make fun plans with friends. 


Your season kicks off the summer—and Gems love the beginning most of all, savoring that expectation of what's to come. You're eager to dive in, not taking a single new interaction or experience for granted. In the past, you could have been distracted from your friendships, but now you enjoy and appreciate every moment with pals, new or old.

Peak summer moment: June 13, when Mercury enters Gemini. With your chatty ruling planet in your sign, it's easy to talk to anyone.


Sunny season can sometimes make you want to retreat into your crab shell. While it can feel safer to lower your expectations, be clear about what you need. Do you really *not* care about attending your dream camp...or are you scared of disappointment? This summer, the biggest event might be speaking up about what you really want. 

Peak summer moment: July 5, when Mercury enters Cancer. The planet of talkativeness in your sign gives you that extra push to text your friends about making weekend plans.


This is your favorite time—especially the days leading up to your birthday. More than anything, you want to feel maximum warmth and connectedness with those you love the most. You don't mind making the plans for your crew, so long as everyone shows gratitude for your sparkling self. Now that's the summer vibe you're looking for. 

Peak summer moment: July 28, when there's a new moon in Leo. This is a great time to manifest how you want the rest of your year to go.


It's not that you *don't* enjoy relaxing, but after the third day in a row of a blank schedule, a busy sign like yours tends to get just a bit restless. You prefer a more structured summer. Even if you're working indoors, you don't mind having somewhere to be and people to bond with. (And you enjoy your off-days by the beach that much more.)

Peak summer moment: June 3, when Mercury exits its retrograde in Taurus. It'll help you sharpen your focus and connect to your true self.


Summer to you means summer love (aka prime time to connect with your crush). Whether you're on a boardwalk first date, inching closer by the campfire, chatting them up over text or simply sinking into your favorite rom-com beach read, your season is one long, romantic sunset. 

Peak summer moment: June 22, when Venus (the planet of love and your ruling planet) enters Gemini. It fills you with extra confidence so you can connect with even the most tongue-tie-inducing crushes. 


While summer often means big group hangs, you thrive in the quieter moments. As one of the most introspective signs, you're at your best when dusk hits and the conversations get deeper. While everyone else is in the pool, you're the one sharing secrets with a new-ish friend. We see you ending this summer with one or two closer pals—and that's awesome.

Peak summer moment: July 17, when Venus enters Cancer. You'll find it's a little easier to shed your defenses and open up to your crew.


Sags are well known for their penchant for travel, so go explore! In your case, the challenge is to savor the moments instead of moving on to the next destination (or photo opp). Put down your phone and any expectations of perfection. Soaking up a great lake day will be more fun than stressing about the best caption for it. 

Peak summer moment: June 14, with a full moon in Sagittarius, inspiring deep reflection. This is a great time to be honest with yourself about what you want most. 


While summer is often about branching out, your sign thrives on strengthening existing friendships. Try to zone in on what's going on in your besties' lives—without the distraction of school and studying. If you've felt like you have been a bit absent from your crew, this is your time to, well, make up for lost time.

Peak summer moment: July 13, when the full moon is in Capricorn. You'll want to think about pressures that might be forcing you to put relationships on the sideline.


As a consistently curious sign, you're always seeking the perfect path to self-improvement. Your skill this year? Having *actual* fun. Use this summer to tune into what makes you happy and maximize it—maybe you'll land on a unique hobby or spend more time with a new pal. Whatever it is, let it spark joy.

Peak summer moment: June 4, when Saturn, the planet of structure, is in retrograde in your sign. You'll feel especially prone to re-examining everything (in a good way!).


The dreamiest of all the signs, your ideal summer is one that, when you look back on it, feels like a film full of beautiful, meaningful moments. Even better? Take time to create, whether it's writing a journal entry by the pool, strumming a guitar on the patio or beading together bracelets for your besties.

Peak summer moment: June 28, when Neptune retrograde enters Pisces. The planet of dreams pushes you to stay present in the here and now (instead of curating the next future aesthetic).

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by Lily Johnson | 6/1/2022