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Why 2023 could be your weirdest, wildest...and best year yet

Big changes (great ones, promise!) are written in the stars.

After the dramatic ups and downs of the past few years, it's hard to get excited about the prospect of more change. But (phew) good news: Some of the biggest pendulum swings of 2023 will result in you feeling more balanced, happy and connected than ever before.

The year starts off with Uranus, planet of spontaneity, exiting its retrograde and going direct in Taurus, the sign of wealth and home, on Jan. 22. Uranus has been in retrograde since last August, so this reprieve helps everyone start off the year in a steadier space.

This lays the groundwork for two more major events: Saturn entering Pisces on March 7 and Jupiter entering Taurus on May 16. Saturn in Pisces is a huge astrological event—it's the planet of structure entering the sign of dreams, hinting that the seemingly impossible could become more of a reality. And Jupiter, planet of fortune, entering hardworking Taurus lays the foundation for efforts and luck finally intersecting. In other words, if you've been chipping away at a goal, this is the year you will finally see results. In the truest astrological sense, anything is possible now.

The year ends with Neptune, planet of creativity, going direct in Pisces on Dec. 6. Neptune is Pisces' ruling planet, so this alignment inspires everyone to end the year reflecting on an even brighter and dreamer 2024.

So get your vision board prepped ASAP—this year we're manifesting everything major.  


THE GOOD STUFF: You're crushing hard. Juno, the asteroid of commitment, falls into your sign on Jan. 13, pointing you towards more appreciation for your relationships. Shortly after, Vesta (an asteroid involved with family and home) enters Aries on Feb. 7—followed by Venus, planet of love, entering Aries on the 20th. This is your time to feel connected, either by initiating more plans with those you care about or branching out to form new bonds.

WATCH OUT: A lot of new moons at once. New moons aren't necessarily bad—if anything, they usher in a lot of change. Because you have two in your sign in a month (March 21 and April 20), things might feel a little extra tumultuous. You also have a full moon in your sign on Sept. 29, so prepare to let go of anything or anyone no longer serving you. 

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: March 21. That first new moon in your sign comes right after all that good relationship action at the start of the year. This can bring in a big change (like finally becoming official with someone). If you miss your chance to take the leap, that second new moon in Aries on April 20 could be a great time to try again.


THE GOOD STUFF: So many astrological ups. There are tons of planets and asteroids in your sign, so it's bound to be memorable. Uranus moves direct in Taurus on Jan. 22, inspiring you to make a big change. Juno enters on March 11, followed shortly by Venus on March 16, putting you in a lovey-dovey mood. Then the asteroid Vesta is in your sign on April 15, the sun moves in on April 20 and Mercury goes direct in Taurus on May 14. All of this astrological action makes you feel at the top of your game. As if it couldn't get any better, Jupiter, planet of luck, enters on May 16, lighting you up further.

WATCH OUT: Some intense retrogrades in your sign. To start, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on April 21 through May 14. You also have Uranus retrograde (Aug. 28) and Jupiter retrograde (Sept. 4) in your sign, making you feel like your good luck has grinded to a halt. Stay focused on your goals and the happy vibes will return, trust.

THE LUCKIEST DAY: Dec. 30. While the first time Jupiter enters your sign this year feels really great, it's Jupiter leaving its retrograde on the 30th that makes you remember all the high points of this year—and ready to tackle 2024. 


THE GOOD STUFF: Becoming even more magnetic. Venus, planet of romance, enters Gemini on April 11, followed shortly by Juno, the asteroid of relationships, on May 2. Your connection game is strong at this point—and only gets easier with the sun entering Gemini on May 21 and Mercury, your ruling planet, entering on June 11. This helps you charm everyone around you and make friends pretty much everywhere you go. The new moon in your sign on June 18 brings about exhilarating change. Finally, there's a full moon in your sign on Nov. 27, pushing you to discard what doesn't work for you—and giving you the confidence to accept that it's for the best. 

WATCH OUT: A retrograde around family and home. On Dec. 20, Vesta, the asteroid of home and hearth, goes retrograde in your sign, which can briefly give you feelings of insecurity when it comes to your friends and fam. Open up to your closest crew to get through.

THE LUCKIEST DAY: June 11. Mercury, beyond being your ruling planet, is also the planet of communication, so its entrance into your sign gives you a midsummer boost that makes you feel amazing. 


THE GOOD STUFF: The courage to grow closer to those you love. A full moon in your sign on Jan. 6 gets you to think about what you really want to get rid of—namely, some lingering fears about opening up to others. You might ruminate for a while until Mars, planet of action, enters on March 25, urging you to make moves. Venus, planet of affection, enters on May 7, giving you that nudge to loosen up a little around people you already trust. And by the time the sun enters Cancer on June 21, you're feeling more open than ever. Mercury, planet of communication, entering Cancer on June 26 helps you share your deepest feelings more easily. The new moon on July 17 is an especially great time to bring new people into your life. 

WATCH OUT: Two full moons bookending your year. Full moons signify letting go, which isn't a bad thing—but having one in January and one in your sign on Dec. 26 can feel a bit...dramatic. You might make a few missteps in your newfound quest to be more open, but that's OK! Cut your losses and embrace the new you anyway. 

THE LUCKIEST DAY: July 17. You're ruled by the moon—and a new moon in your sign during your season means you get to absorb all the benefits of a fresh start. 


THE GOOD STUFF: Energy to take on almost anything. Not that you're ever low on drive, but the full moon in your sign on Feb. 5 is a big push to cut out habits that hold you back. That preps you for when Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, enters your sign on May 2, giving you clarity on how to seriously move toward your goals. And when Mars, the fiery planet of action, goes into your sign on May 20, you feel ready to pounce. When your season starts on July 23, you feel at the top of your game, especially when Juno, the asteroid of long-term love, moves into Leo on Aug. 15. That's followed by a new moon on Aug. 16, ushering new beginnings.

WATCH OUT: Doubting the love in your life. Venus goes retrograde in your sign on July 22 and stays there for the next few months. This can make you start to second-guess your relationships. Try not to read too much into weird texts or awkward convos during this time. 

THE LUCKIEST DAY: May 20. You love having action-packed Mars in your sign because it always gives you that push to go for whatever you've been hesitant about. This movement occurs right before a lot of other planets enter your sign, indicating that whatever happens next, you'll land on your feet just fine. 


THE GOOD STUFF: A deeper understanding of what *you* truly want. Virgos are notorious hard workers/people pleasers, so it can sometimes be tough to look inward. The full moon in your sign on March 7 begs you to consider who you are. When Ceres, the asteroid of self-care, moves direct in Virgo on May 6, you start to outline (in true Virgo fashion) what you need to do to feel more supported. When Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, and Mars, planet of action, enter on July 10, you feel determined. The sun entering your sign on Aug. 23 makes you feel like it's your time to communicate your needs and take center stage. Juno and Venus enter Virgo in October, bringing about new friends (or love interests) who make you feel truly grateful.

WATCH OUT: Lashing out and regretting it. Mercury retrograde happens in your sign on Aug. 23. Combined with the sun in your sign (and your newfound attitude of being more honest), it's possible you might overstep. If you hurt someone's feelings, just own up to it. We all do it now and again—and it comes with being more open.

THE LUCKIEST DAY: July 10. Pallas and Mars entering Virgo on the same day brings a double boost of drive and knowledge, giving you an epiphany about exactly what you need to do next. 


THE GOOD STUFF: Stronger than ever relationships. You really value your social life, and this year helps you ground yours on a deeper level. The full moon on April 6 gets you thinking about what you need from your squad—and how to give back. Then when Ceres, the asteroid of self-care, enters Libra on June 21, it makes it easier for you to start showing up for your ride-or-dies the way you want them to show up for you (and that strengthens your bond). Action-packed Mars enters your sign on Aug. 27, and Pallas, asteroid of knowledge, follows on Sept. 13, making it clear who your true friends are. And when your season starts on Sept. 23, you feel really loved—and comfortable expressing it to your crew.

WATCH OUT: Restlessness. For the first quarter of the year, not much falls into your sign, leading you to feel bored or stuck. If others around you are accomplishing things left and right (and posting it everywhere), it can make you feel like you don't stack up. But don't worry: Even if you don't do much else, forming lifelong bonds will stick with you forever.

THE LUCKIEST DAY: Nov. 8. Your ruling planet Venus entering your sign is perfect for sealing any friendships you made or grew this year. 


THE GOOD STUFF: Sticking up for yourself like never before. You're fantastic at reading people, but sometimes you struggle with knowing what to do with that information, instead developing grudges or mistrust. When the full moon occurs in your sign on May 5, that's a great time to assess the ways you could make your complaints known. When Ceres, an asteroid that promotes taking care of yourself, enters on Sept. 15, it makes you think more deeply about what trust means to you—and what your friends or loved ones can do to make you feel more grounded. Your season starts on Oct. 23, making you feel more optimistic about your closest relationships. The new moon in your sign on Nov. 10 reiterates that feeling of a fresh start.

WATCH OUT: Jumping to conclusions. The combo of Mars and Mercurian energy in October can be empowering—but it can also lead you to make judgments about other people's intentions and call them out before you know the facts. Tread lightly before you sting. 

THE LUCKIEST DAY: Oct. 23. The sun entering your sign feels especially great with Mercury and Mars lighting you up as well. You can feel comfortable speaking your mind and trusting that people around you will receive it well. 


THE GOOD STUFF: A clear idea of your futureAs a natural wanderer, you can sometimes feel like everything in your life is in flux. That's certainly how the first part of the year feels, until the full moon in your sign on June 3. This is your chance to remove anything from your life that feels more like a distraction or obligation than something you genuinely enjoy. When Mercury, planet of communication and clarity, enters your sign on Nov. 10, it helps clear away remaining clutter. And when your season starts on Nov. 22, you feel more empowered than ever to take your needs seriously. The new moon on Dec. 12 in your sign is your chance to fill up all that extra space with something fresh. 

WATCH OUT: Mercury retrograde thwarting your plans. Mercury goes into retrograde in your sign on Dec. 23, which can bring on a lot of second-guessing and clinging to things you know you should part with deep down. Listen to your gut, Sag.

THE LUCKIEST DAY: Nov. 25. Ceres entering your sign helps you sit with what truly makes you feel good (and Mercury, Mars and the sun in your sign isn't too shabby, either). 


THE GOOD STUFF: Absolute clarity by the end of the year. The first half of your year feels fairly uneventful until Pluto, the planet of transformation, enters your sign on June 11. This brings up all the ways in which you feel truly stuck in your life—and any issues you've avoided are thrust right in your face. A full moon in your sign on July 3 helps you to let go of any doubts you have about yourself, paving the way for Pluto going direct in your sign on Oct. 10. This time, you're ready to be a true Capricorn and fully dive into whatever changes you want to make. If you still have some uncertainty, Mercury entering Capricorn on Dec. 1 helps make everything that much more obvious.

WATCH OUT: A truly chaotic Pluto retrograde. That mid-year Pluto retrograde can really mess with your sense of self, which can be especially hard for you because you thrive on order and structure. As much as you can, try to embrace the messiness. It'll pay off in the long run.

THE LUCKIEST DAY: Oct 10. Once Pluto goes direct, it's like flipping a light switch—all the ups and downs of the year add up to something important. Enjoy your eureka moment.


THE GOOD STUFF: Lots of new friends entering your life. Sometimes it's hard for you to connect with people right away (at least people you like). Venus, planet of love, entering your sign on Jan. 2 starts off 2023 with an emotional glow-up, making it easier to vibe with a new crew. The sun entering Aquarius on Jan. 20 brings you more energy, and the new moon in your sign on Jan. 21 ushers in a period of making (and keeping) friends. Pluto, planet of transformation, enters on March 23, helping you see that these pals allow you to realize new truths about yourself. Of course, Pluto goes retrograde on May 1, which can create a momentary blip in all those good feels—but once the full moon hits your sign on Aug. 1, you realize it might just mean you have to change up some friendships to fully feel like your best self. 

WATCH OUT: A summer of severing ties. Pluto going retrograde makes you closely examine all your new friendships—and perhaps some of your old ones. Are there characteristics you tend to tolerate, like flakiness, that don't really make you feel good? Be honest with yourself here.

THE LUCKIEST DAY: Jan. 21. The new moon in your sign brings a fresh friend group—and it happens v. naturally, too.


THE GOOD STUFF: Making your dreams a reality. When your season starts on Feb. 19 and a new moon occurs in your sign two days later, you feel like a fish swimming steadily—things are just smooth and easy. The more exciting changes start to happen in early March, when Mercury, planet of communication and clarity, enters your sign on March 2, and Saturn, planet of structure, enters Pisces on March 7. You have big dreams, so these movements help you figure out how to attain the seemingly impossible. Things stall for a bit starting on June 17, when Saturn goes retrograde. Then Neptune, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on June 30, throwing you for a loop (cue the identity crisis). Believe it or not, these are all good things. When the full moon happens in your sign on Aug. 30, you're able to clearly differentiate what's important to you.

WATCH OUT: Saturn and Neptune retrogrades confusing you. The planets of structure and dreams have you feeling like you want more guidance *and* more freedom at the same time. Be patient through this weird and enlightening time. 

THE LUCKIEST DAY: Dec. 6. The moment your ruling planet goes direct in your sign, you get that perfect feeling of everything—good and bad—having a purpose and falling into place. 

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