Survey Says

This or that: Back-to-school edition

Would you rather...

1. Never have to do homework again or only have school three days a week?

2. Have the toughest teacher in the school for a really easy class or have a bad teacher for a really difficult class?

3. Have to write an essay on the first day of school or be assigned a 200-page book on your first day?

4. Someone else be wearing the same first-day-of-school outfit as you or you spill juice all over your outfit at lunch?

5. Be in class with all your friends (which can be a little distracting) or not have any classes with them at all?

6. Be put in the way back of the classroom or the front row?

7. Make captain of your sports team or be elected class president?

8. Be in a group of people you don’t know for a project or do the whole project yourself?

9. Eat the school lunch every single day or have your mom pack you the same thing every day all year?

10. Get seated next to your crush in class or your best friend?

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by Emily Mullin | 8/13/2019