Survey Says

This or that: Social-distancing edition

Bored while social distancing? Here is some inspiration to create fun ideas and projects to enrich your day. 

Read a book or listen to a podcast?

Take a walk or try out a YouTube exercise video? 

Make pancakes or combine every cereal you have in the cupboard into one serving?

Play old video games or have a FaceTime dance party?

Marathon watch Food Network or HGTV?

Make a vlog of your quarantine experience or keep a journal?

Clean out your closet or create scrapbooks of cherished memories? 

Learn a new language or post a new music video every day? 

Make a TikTok account or start folliwng a youtuber? 

Listen to your old CD player or write a novel? 

Go on a solo hike or go on a bike ride?

Complete a puzzle or take up coloring in a coloring book? 

Fluffy pajamas all day or dress up fancy for no reason? 

Plan a fun roadtrip (strictly to stay in car) or do some yardwork? 

Play some backyard games or take a nice nap? 


by Nancy Bowne | 3/26/2020