Our fave celebs speak on body positvity and confidence

When you have millions of eyes commenting on you everyday it may seem impossible to keep your self-esteem high but these fab and fierce women have figured out how to keep the haters out of their minds. Their self-confidence is an inspiration to us today—and every day. And just think: If they deal with *millions* of nay-sayers, you can definitely handle the kids at school.

Ariana Grande talked to Pop Sugar about her self love and body love:
"I feel a strong relationship to my fans and the thought of them self-deprecating is so heartbreaking to me. I think the thing I want to instill in them the most is the message of you are loved. There are so many different kinds of beautiful. You're beautiful today if you have 10 cupcakes and you're beautiful tomorrow if you do a juice cleanse. I don't care. You're beautiful because of who you are."

Adele has always shared her love for her body. She says to Vogue UK:
“I enjoy being me; I always have done. I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, you know, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and it wears them down. And I don’t want that in my life."

Gabourey Sidibe told Urbo some pointers on how to develop self confidence:
"I really sat down and made a list of all the things I liked about me: My personality, my face, my body. The world will hand me a hate list. And I just sat down and I developed a love list for myself. And I tell people of all ages to do that. You have to list the things you love about yourself. So when someone says your nose is too big, you can say my nose is cute."

For years people have commented on Kelly Clarkson's weight, when asked she told Redbook:
“If you gauge your life on what other people think, you’re going to be in a constant state of panic trying to please everyone. People should just concentrate on their own lives and their own health and their own happiness, and whatever that looks like for you, be happy with it.”

We love Mindy Kaling; she's an inspiration to us. Here's what she has to say about body positivity:
"Being called fat, being called not pretty, these are just weapons that men can use against women that we can't use against them, I am fairly impervious to when people say those things about me, because it's like, well, I was born this way and I can't really change that."


Early last year comments were made about Rihanna’s weight again. The superstar owned her body and flaunted her confidence regardless. She told The Cut:
"I actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type, where one day I can literally fit into something that is bodycon, and then the next day—the next week—I need something oversized," she said. "I need a little crop here and a high-waist there to hide that part, you know? I really pay attention every day when I go into the closet about what's working for my body that morning."

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by India Afriyie | 3/27/2019