These healthy habits will help you feel your best this spring

The weather is *finally* warm, you're beyond hyped for the end of the school year and you've got tons of exciting things on the horizon. (Prom! Graduation! Summer vacay!) 

While spring can bring a total boost of serotonin, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with good habits when the end of the school year is suuuper busy (between AP tests and final papers, it's all too easy for those self-care routines to slip through the cracks).

Healthy, sustainable spring habits ahead? Yes, pls!

Stay hydrated


It seems simple, but staying hydrated is a necessity when the weather gets warmer and you're spending more time outdoors. Keep your fave water bottle or tumbler cup handy to refresh all day long. 

Pro tip: If you're looking to up your water game, try flavored water drops or packets for a boost of flavor. (Strawberry, grape or pineapple = the ideal flavors for a mid-day treat.) 

Spend time outdoors


It's totally true—vitamin D actually does boost your mood. Getting outdoors not only improves your mental health, but it's also a great way to sit in and soak up all the sunshine and warm weather vibes. Looking for your next spring hangout idea? Outdoors might just be your perf spot.

Wear sunscreen


You heard it here first—healthy and hydrated skin is *in* for 2024, which means wearing sunscreen daily is a must. Make SPF application a dedicated step of your a.m. routine (apply it after moisturizer but before makeup) to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. (We hear Supergoop! Glow Screen.)

Try a new workout


Shake up your workout routine with a revamped exercise combo to feel rejuvenated and refreshed (think: instead of your go-to three-mile run, power up a bodyweight strength-training sesh on YouTube). Plus, warm weather means that it's finally time to bring your workouts outdoors again. A yoga sesh while the sun sets? Count us in.

Spring clean


A squeaky clean space + a fresh mindet = a healthy mind and body. 

While focusing on physical cleaning is super important, it's just as important to tidy up your mental health, too. Pick up hobbies or activities that make you feel your best, or organize your desk in your bedroom to feel refreshed. Or, set aside some dedicated time in your sched for self-care. (An everything shower is ideal to wind down.)

Prioritize your sleep schedule


We know, it can be super hard to maintain a perfect snoozing schedule when finals szn is right around the corner. However, prioritizing sleep makes your mind and body feel *so* much better. Try winding down at night by reading a good book or drinking a warm beverage. It'll help your brain and body relax and get some well-deserved shut-eye.

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by Sophie LaBella | 5/5/2024