It's Mindfulness Day! Here are 5 ways to live more intentionally

Let's face it— everyday life can get kinda overwhelming. You have TikToks to watch, Snapchats to send, classes to go to, friends to spend time with and homework to finish. Between busy school schedules and extracurriculars, feelings of stress or anxiety are totally normal. But here's some good news: Mindfulness can be a great tool to help you manage and prevent those feelings. In celebration of Mindfulness Day, we're sharing simple ways to practice being present. Take a deep breath and read on...

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of being present in the current moment. Translation: You're not worrying about that Insta post you uploaded two days ago and you're not thinking about tomorrow's bio test. Instead, you're putting all your energy into the here and now. Here's how to do it.

1. Take a pause
Sometimes it can feel like you're always going, going, going. That's why it's so important to have small, 5-minute breaks throughout the day to check in with yourself. Take a moment to really think about how you feel at that very second—both emotionally and physically. Then, take a few deep breaths and focus on the feeling of the air filling your lungs. These quick bits of rest can help you recenter yourself and soothe anxiety.

2. Be authentic
A major part of living intentionally is living in a way that is genuine to who you are. (AKA thinking about what you want for yourself, not what others want for you.) Do what makes *you* feel happy and confident, and don't let others' expectations hold you back. That might mean finally crossing off your bucket-list item of trying out for the rec soccer team...or stepping away from ballet if it's no longer bringing you joy.

3. Declutter
Are you holding onto things you don't need? Getting rid of old items can change the energy of your space and make room for bigger and better things. Tbh, we all keep objects that we just can't seem to throw away. Consider this your official sign to donate them to your local charity and start fresh.

4. Get organized
Now is the time to get organized—future you will def thank you. Make a budget, choose a planner on Notion or set up Focus mode on your iPhone. Whatever you need to make your life a little smoother, this is your sign to get it done. Planning now can help reduce stress in the future.

5. Invest your time wisely
It can be easy to overbook yourself. When your friends want to hang out, but you also have a shift at work *and* an essay to write *and* rehearsal for the spring musical, it's okay to say no to plans. Living intentionally means caring for yourself, and if having a jam-packed planner is hurting your mental health, don't worry about dropping a few things from the schedule.

Investing your time wisely also means picking the right people to hang out with. Don't waste it on people who want to tear you down. Instead, put energy into the besties who motivate you and want to see you thrive.

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by Aubrey Rhoadarmer | 9/12/2022