Cash in a flash!

Is summer already a bummer ’cause you and your BFF are low on dough? Cheer up, chica—GL’s got your money-makin’ hookup. Grab your broke bestie and start workin’ down our no-fail list for padding both your bank accounts. With hard work and a ready-for-anything attitude, you’ll have enough for a serious back-to-school shopping splurge.

You and your girl have mad babysitting skills—why not work ’em in a new way by becoming birthday party assistants? Let the moms in your neighborhood know you’re sooo up for blowing up balloons, carving cake, scoopin’ ice cream and playing games with their rugrats. You and your BFF can charge around $50 a party, which really adds up if you’re bookin’ multiple bashes in a week (easy to do once word gets out about your fabulously festive ways).

A neighborhood dog wash can earn you and your girl major Lincolns. Make signs advertising your pup primp, and set up your driveway with doggie shampoo, a hose and buckets. Before ya know it, you and your BFF will be sudsin’, rinsin’ and stylin’ Fidos all day. Charge around $10 a dog to build a swell cash stash to divvy up! Make it a weekly thing to see the moolah multiply.

Bet every neighbor on your block would love a gorge garden, but many adults lack the time to tend one. Here’s where you and your BFF swoop in. Knock on doors (only the people ya know!), and offer your services as the Go-To Gardenin’ Gals. Set up a daily schedule to water posies, yank weeds and plant veggie seeds (radish and spinach will sprout great come fall). For your labor, charge each neighbor $15 a week—you’ll have  steady income all summer long and get to bank some major time in the great outdoors. Go ahead and offer mowing services, too, for even more buckage—it’s not a job just for the boys, you know!

Wanna give back? You and your BFF can raise cash to donate to a charity in your orbit by hula hooping—yep, you read that right—for dollars. Ask your friends, fam and neighbors to sponsor you (and as many buds as you can recruit) for, say, $10 every half hour. Then, bright and early on a weekend morning, hit your backyard, and hula for as long as you can (your sponsors and fans can come by and watch). Don’t forget to take a 10-minute break between hula sessions! When your hips have had it, call it a day, count the cash and pass it along to you and your bestie’s fave organization. Awesome!


by Lisa Mulcahy | 2/1/2016