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Gift Guide: For your West Coast-loving BFF

Some of us feel like we were born into the wrong family or in the wrong decade—and then there are some of us who feel that we were born in the wrong state altogether. While most of the country experiences harsh snow storms in the winter, Cali remains sunny sweet and oh-so-loveable. For your BFF who was meant for the West Coast, here's a compilation of gifts your Cali-obsessed friend will love until they can get their hands on that plane ticket to the Gold Coast.

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    Hand Embroidered State Pillow, $184
    From San Diego to Hollywood, this beautiful hand-embroidered pillow features all of the noted landmarks of the state of California in colors that are sure to brighten up any room. Pricey, but amazing!

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    Succulent Jewel Garden, $35
    Bring the spirit of the California desert to your room with this pre-planted succulent garden.

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    In-N-Out Burger Collectors Pin, $3.95
    Any West Coast lover knows about this infamous burger joint. This collector's pin on your fave denim jacket should help make up for the fact that In-N-Out Burger isn't expanding to the East Coast.  

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    Hollywood Crop Top, $19.00
    Everyone loves a crop top. Take this fashion staple to the next level, paying tribute to California’s most famous landmark sign.

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    California State Coasters, $25
    Nothing says “I love California” like these seemingly sea-worn drink coasters featuring classic silhouettes like the California state bear and Los Angeles skyline.

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    Southern California Scented Candle, $20
    Can’t make it to the West Coast just yet? No problem. This SoCal candle is a perfect blend of the California coasts, desert cactus and a hint of citrus that'll transport you straight to the Golden State.

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    Troop Beverly Hills Pins, $12
    Perfect for a costume or your denim jacket, these pins are a fashionable throwback to a 80s classic movie and a timeless tribute to the coast your bestie loves.

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    California Mug, $16
    Cozy up with a good book and sip on your favorite tea with this beautiful hand-painted mug featuring a silhouette of your favorite state. 

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    Los Angeles Map Tote Bag, $27
    This colorful map tote, features a layout of Los Angeles during the 1930's. Functional *and* vintage!

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    Los Angeles Playing Cards, $20.00
    These playing cards will steal the show at your next gathering. Featuring various landmarks of Los Angeles, you’ll be an expert on the City of Angels in no time.

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    California Dreaming Poster, $25.00
    This nostalgic, scenic poster will have you dreaming of days pasts in sunny California...even if you've never been.


by Cydnii Jones | 11/13/2017
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